September 2017 SRE Monthly Meeting

Come join the Huntsville SRE Chapter for our monthly meeting on Thursday, September 14th at 11:00.

The meeting will be held on Redstone Arsenal in the SELA Auditorium, AMRDEC building 5400 (enter the red brick building main entrance south-east parking lot of 5400). NO escort will be required, once entering building turn to your right and auditorium is down that hall, contact Tori Smith at [email protected] if you need directions and/ or assistance.  The business meeting will begin at 11:00 followed by a technical presentation at 11:30.

The technical presentation will be given by Dr. William Wessels beginning at 11:30 am, “The Bootstrap Statistical Approach – Defensible or Hoax”.

If you work off-site to Redstone Arsenal and have questions about getting access to the post or to Bldg 5400, please contact Tori Smith at [email protected].

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