September 2017 SRE Monthly Meeting

Come join the Huntsville SRE Chapter for our monthly meeting on Thursday, September 14th at 11:00.

The meeting will be held on Redstone Arsenal in the SELA Auditorium, AMRDEC building 5400 (enter the red brick building main entrance south-east parking lot of 5400). NO escort will be required, once entering building turn to your right and auditorium is down that hall, contact Tori Smith at if you need directions and/ or assistance.  The business meeting will begin at 11:00 followed by a technical presentation at 11:30.

The technical presentation will be given by Dr. William Wessels beginning at 11:30 am, “The Bootstrap Statistical Approach – Defensible or Hoax”.

If you work off-site to Redstone Arsenal and have questions about getting access to the post or to Bldg 5400, please contact Tori Smith at

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