Training Summit Presentations:

RAM XV Training Summit Presentation Links (01-02 Nov  2023)

*See agenda to associate Session to Presentation – RAM XV AGENDA

**These presentation may not be the latest version of each Presentation, after the Training Summit these presentations will be updated where available.

-Day One:

1st Session2nd Session3rd Session4th Session

-Day Two:

5th Session6th Session7th Session8th Session

RAM XIV Training Summit Presentation Links (01-02 Nov  2022)

*See agenda to associate Session to Presentation – RAM XIV AGENDA

-Day One:

1st Session2nd Session3rd Session4th Session

-Day Two:

5th Session6th Session7th Session8th Session

RAM XIII Training Summit Presentations By Session (30Nov & 01Dec 2021)

See agenda to associate Session to Presentation – RAM XIII AGENDA

A1a_Sharp_Manufacture of Fork Holograms to Produce Laguerre




A4a_Tenhundfeld_Influences of Design on Operator Cognition

A4b_Menon_Study of Drug-Target interaction using Novel Big Data Techniques

A5b_Weger_Insight into the Acceptance and Adoption of Autonomous Systems

A5c_Watts_Evolution and History of Programming Languages

A6a_Whatley-Discusion of Redundancy


B1a_Hauenstein_Potential Issues of the transition to digital display

B2_Neufelder_real simple reliable software

B3b_Rigoni_NLP for data curation

B4a_BELL_Chavez_Innovation Capture Teck

B5a_Weaver&Ethridge_The Basics of AI

B6_Primera_Advanced Predictive Analytics Algorithms

C4a_Reimer_Manufacturing Reliability


C4c_Eaton_When Do Measures Fail

C5a_Glandon_Improving Reliability through Failure Classification

C5b_Patel_The Impact of the Perceptions of Failure and Success

C5c_Teper_Qualifing Value of Life-Cycle

C6a_Campo_Investigating the Perceptions of Reliability and Maintenance

RAM XII Training Summit Presentations By Session (13 & 14 November 2019)

See agenda to associate Session to Presentation – RAM XII AGENDA

A1b-Boydston-H-1 Modeling & Simulation

A2-Newfelder-How to Identify Safety and mission critical software

A3-Newfelder-5 common mistakes made when conducting SFMECAs_v2

B1-Felker-Cognative Bias

B2a-Smith-FMECA Requirements

B2b-Mills & Nelson-T-45 FMECA

B2c-Cranes and Space Stations

B3b-CLARE sum luci toni trip

B3e-Reiner-Artificial Intelligence


C2a-Safie-Model Based Mission Assurance

C2b-Belhadj-Round Trip Review Process Improvement

C2c-Belhadj-Repurposing Traceability

C3a-Sinclair-FMEA through Project Lifecycle

C4b-UAH-Banks-Can They Say That

C4c-UAH-White-Addressing Finitely Repeated Problems in Engr Decisions

C4d-UAH-Eaton-What Causes Failures in Projects

C5a-UAH-Dickinson-SRP Overview

C5b-UAH-Williams-Graph Algorithms for System Requirements Analysis


D1-Safie-Reliability Tools & Techniques

D6a-Wilwert-ATI Titan 23™

D6c-Shen-Additive Manufacturing

RAM XI Training Summit Presentations By Session (23-24 October 2018)

See agenda to associate Session to Presentation – RAM XI AGENDA


RAMXI_A6a_Projects–HUMS II_Paper 288




RAMXI_F5a_NASA_Green – Burden versus Capability Assessments

RAMXI_F5b_NASA – Mo Al Hassan – rev1

RAMXI_F5c_NASA_WhenToStop r2 

RAMXI_F5d_NASA_Young – Component Specific Environmental Conversion Factors

RAM X Training Summit Presentations By Session (8-9 November 2017)

See agenda to associate Session time & room

RAM10-A4_Rice – Decision Support – Additive Manufacturing

RAM10-A5_Smith – Intro to Lean Six Sigma

RAM10-A6_Hamasha – Assessment of System Reliability

RAM10-B4_Harris – Model Based enterprise

RAM10-B5_Thomas – MBSE

RAM10-B6_Wall – MBSE Final

RAM10-C1_Safie- Reliability Engr Tool and Techniques

RAM10-C1x_Safie- Reliability Engr Training Course

RAM10-C4_Martin & Farrington – What’s the Point of DOE

RAM10-C5a_Seif – Maint Activities Flow Shop Scheduling

RAM10-D1a_Wade – Trade Space Maint and Safety

RAM10-D2a_Willis – DA Form 2410 Usability for Reliability Analysis

RAM10-D2b_Reliability Modeling

RAM10-D5_Etzkorn – Software Reliability

RAM10-D6_Delugach – Python-Tutorial

RAM IX Training Summit Presentations By Session (2-3 November 2016)

See agenda to associate Session to time & room – RAM IX AGENDA

Session – Presenter – Subject (link to Presentation if available)

Day One (Nov 2nd):

A1- James Swain – Bayesian Estimation 101

A2 – Sa’d Hamasha – System Reliability Models

A3 –  Sa’d Hamasha – RAM for Electronic Products

B/C1 –  Letha Etzkorn – Software Quality & Reliability

B/C2 –  Daniel Sliva – Stochastic Processes & RAM

B/C3 –  Seth Farrington – Data Modeling & Analysis with R

D1-3 –  Bill Wessels – Certification_for_Reliability Engineering Prep

Day TWO (Nov 3rd):

A4a- Steven Novack – Characterizing Epistemic Uncertainty

A4b – Frank Hark – Common Cause Failure Modeling

A4c –  Mohammad Al Hassan – Data App Impacts On Uncertainty

A5a- Glen S. Hatfield – Pitfalls Using Predicted Fail Data

A5b – Brian Kellogg – Adv. Design & Dev of IBF (presentation not received or not releasable)

A5c –  David Misciagna – Composites and Fuel Contain Dev. (presentation not received or not releasable)

A6 –  Paul Collopy – Decision Theory

B/C4 –  Bryan Mesmer – Game Theory (presentation not received or not releasable)

B/C5 –  Bryan Mesmer  – Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) (presentation not received or not releasable)

B/C6 –  Joey Shelton – MBSE Applications

D4a –  Haley Patterson – Ultratrend DMS 5

D4b –  Javad Seif – Max Availability with Exact Algorithm

D4c –  Guilia Palma – Storytelling in Engineering (presentation not received or not releasable)

D5a –  Garima Bhatia – Game Theory Approach to Negotiate Def. Acq. Value-Design Driven

D5b –  Joseph Clerkin – Gaming in Systems Engineering

D6 –  Gang Wang – Structural Health Monitoring of Composites  (presentation not received or not releasable)

RAM VIII Training Summit Presentations By Mediterranean (Room#)  (3-4 November 2015)


Med4A-Pat Lawler – RCM Training Overview

Med4B-Pat Lawler – RCM Training Intro

Med4C-Pat Lawler – RCM Training RCM

Med4D-Pat Lawler – RCM Training Implementation and Outcomes

Med5A-Fayssal Safie – Risk Assessments Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Engineers

Med5_Session1C-John V. Smith – Log Engineering Laboratory

Med5_Session2A-Thomas Null – Apache Optimized Structural Health Monitoring for Cracks and Corrosion

Med5_Session2B-Tom McLaughlin – Connecting Prognostics to the Supply Chain

Med5_Session2C-Adam Mills – Practical Apps of RAM Analyses for UH-1Y & AH-1Z Helicopters

Med5_Session3A-Tony Bohn – SKFs Extended Life Spherical Bearings to Reduce Maint. Costs

Med5_Session3B-Paul Riehle – Tuned Mass Damper Investigation for Apache Struts

Med5_Session3C-Steve Slaughter – Operations Support and Sustainment Technologies & Transiton

Med5_Session4-Josh Kennedy, Charles Bonne – Insights into Data Driven Fleet Management

Med5_Session6B-Frank Hark – Common Cause Modeling

Med5_Session6C-Al Hassan – Data Applicability & Quality

Med6CRE-Wessels – Certified Reliability Engineer Prep

Med6_Session4A(student)-Daniel Sillivant – Using FMEA to Address Warranty Duration

Med6_Session4B(student)-Jeff Dyas, Anyama Tettey –Life Cycle Cost Model on Micro-Grid

Med6_Session5A-Jeff Jarvis – HALTPlus

Med6_Session5B-Jeff Jarvis – Mil-Std 11991A

Med6_Session7-Carolyn Farmer – Med6_Session7-Farmer-FMS_Lessons_Learned

RAM VII Training Summit Presentations (4-5 November 2014)

Brent Barbee – Removal and Replacement of Chromium VI Coatings

Brent Barbee – Oleophobic Paint Additives

Matt Bergsman – Data – Advancing Capabilities to Improve Rotorcraft Sustainment and Support

Hunter Bray – Extrusion of Ionic Liquid Rayon

Steve Carter – Use of Acoustic Emission in Gearbox Condition

Jim Colson – Product Support and RAM

Keith Cook – Advances in Protective Laminates for Aircraft Windshields

John Crawford – SKF Sealing Solutions

Ron Dalton – Performance Based Logistics

Derek Fok – AH-64E System-Level Embedded Diagnostics (SLED)

Adam Hudson – Cost Wise Readiness and CBM+

Jason Jodon, Megan Shumate, Giselle Smith – RAM Foreign Military Sales

Doug Knapp – OSST-II TRL4 Completion and Demonstration in 2014

Jordan Larson – Wear Coatings for Mechanical Systems

Scott Moyers – Aviation Data Mining

Ann Marie Neufelder – Four Things that are Almost Sure to Reduce the Reliability of a Software Intensive System

Steven Novack – Software Reliability Estimation for NASA’s Core Stage Avionics Space Launch System (SLS)

Nick Oosting – Development of Light Weight Composite Constraining Layers for Aircraft Skin Damping

Danny Parker – Prognostics – Is there a Doctor in the house?

Fayssal Safie – Reliability Engineering Applications & Case Studies

Fayssal Safie – The Similarities and Differences between Reliability Engineering and Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

Judy Potter-Shields, Scott Smith – RAM Policy Changes

Daniel Sillivant – Stress Directed Maintenance

Mark Sims – Reliability Growth

Steve Slaughter – Rotorcraft Technologies in Support of Advanced Sustainment for Apache Modernization Program

Nolan Tallman – Aviation System Assessment Program

Jean Vreuls – Corrosion – It’s eating Our Lunch!

Bill Wessels – Reliability – What Do We Know Versus What Needs to be Known

RAM VI Training Summit Presentations (15-16 October 2013)

Andromeda Systems Inc. – Supportability Optimization Model to Improve Performance and Reduce Total Ownership Cost

Andromeda Systems Inc. – RCM Theory and Concepts Workshop – Module 0 – Workshop Overview

Andromeda Systems Inc. – RCM Theory and Concepts Workshop – Module 1 – Introduction

Andromeda Systems Inc. – RCM Theory and Concepts Workshop – Module 2 – RCM Process Overview

Andromeda Systems Inc. – RCM Theory and Concepts Workshop – Module 3 – Implementation and Outcomes

Ken Eberts, Mohit Jain, Ganesh Skandanm, Kristin Walker – Nanotechnology for Lubricants to Improve Performance and Reliability of Army Systems

Doug Felker – CBM and Big Data

Eric Hunt – Optimizing the Non-Destructive Test Program for a Missle Inventory

Lauren Johnson – Novel Lifecycle Monitoring Method for Exposed Aircraft Coatings

James Lackey (SES) – The Key Role of RAM Moving Forward – “The Big Vectors”

David Locker – AMRDEC Counterfeit Risk Management Recommendations

Paul Riehle – Noise and Vibration Control with Constrained Layer Damping System

Risk Lighthouse LLC – Application of Actuarial Science to RAM

Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira, Chris Sautter, Daniel Sillivant – RAM 6 Update from RFAL

Dr. Fayssal M. Safie – Reliability Engineering Applications and Case Studies

Dr. Fayssal M. Safie – Lessons Learned in Design and Process Reliability

Lou Sciaroni – Logistics Engineering

Jason A. Smith – RAM in the US ARMY Materiel Release (MR) Process

Nolan Tallman – Aviation System Assessment Program (ASAP)

Dr. Bill Wessels – Reliability Centered Maintenance Applied to Achieve Best Life Cycle Costs

Justin Willette – Simulating System Reliability using Monte Carlo Simulation

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